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  • Transit Choices Bike Group

    We have a list of priorities to improve biking in Baltimore.

  • Transit Choices Bus Group

    See what Transit Choices is doing to help the city as it embarks on redesigning its bus system from the ground up.

  • End of ‘Driving Boom’ Spurs Talk of Reshaping State Transportation Plans

    Young adults in Maryland and across the country are shifting away from cars. See more in this article from the Baltimore Sun.

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It is our belief that Baltimore must think of itself as world class city and develop a world leading transportation system to live up to its potential.
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 A real transit system is a system of transit modes that interconnects and provides a variety of options to go  from a wide range of origins to a wide range of destinations on a regional scale.

Klaus Philipsen, AIA

Klaus Philipsen

AIA, Transit Choice Member